The project awards cover commercial and residential projects, kitchens, bathrooms and large and small gardens.

  • UK residential - city 
  • UK residential - country 
  • Global residential
  • UK commercial 
  • Global commercial 
  • Bathroom 
  • Kitchen 
  • Small garden 
  • Large garden 
  • Best sustainable project 
  • Best use of colour in a project 
  • Best small space design 
  • Best remodelling project 
  • Best new build project 
  • Best project from a new designer 


Theses product awards include all the fabric and wallpaper categories.


  • Best fabric collection 
  • Best coordinated fabric & wallpaper collection
  • Best embroidery fabric 
  • Best semi-plain / plain fabric
  • Best woven fabric
  • Best printed fabric 
  • Best trimming collection 
  • Best outdoor fabric 
  • Best newcomer in fabrics 


  • Best wallpaper design  
  • Best wallpaper collection
  • Best newcomer in wallpapers


  • Best paint colour 
  • Best paint collection 


  • Best floor covering (rugs)
  • Best floor covering (carpet)
  • Best floor covering (runner)
  • Best hard flooring 
  • Best tiled flooring 


These product awards include all furniture, lighting, and home accessories categories. 

  • Best furniture (hard furniture - any size)
  • Best furniture (upholstered - sofas, chairs, beds, etc)
  • Best outdoor furniture (hard furniture - any size)
  • Best outdoor furniture (upholstered - sofas, chairs, sun loungers, etc)
  • Best home accessory (hard - vases, dinnerware, glassware, etc)
  • Best lighting (any form)
  • Best home accessory (textile - cushions, throws, tablecloths, etc)
  • Best collaborative collection (brand x designer / designer x designer, etc)
  • Best sustainable product (any homeware)
  • Best smart home product (tech homeware) 


Theses product awards include all the kitchen and bathroom categories.

Kitchen Products

  • Kitchen collection design (full collection from a brand)  
  • Countertop 
  • Hardware (handles, etc)
  • Sink 
  • Taps
  • Large appliance (large / integrated - oven, dishwasher, fridge, extractor, hob, etc) 
  • Small appliance (worktop size / plug in - blender, air fryer, toaster, etc)

Bathroom Products

  • Bathroom collection design (full collection from a brand)
  • Bath (fitted and/or freestanding)
  • Shower (fitted and/or freestanding)
  • Hardware (handles, etc)
  • Sink
  • Taps
  • Bathroom tiles (wall tiles)
  • Bathroom lighting (any form - needs to be IP rated)
  • Bathroom accessory (mirror, hand soap dispenser, bathmat, etc)